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Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Endowment Inc.

Formally established in 2017 as separate nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation, the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Endowment Inc. holds and manages the endowment funds for Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. ASFB Endowment Inc. is responsible for overseeing approximately $10 million in investments to date through the efforts of a separate Board of Trustees that diligently ensures ASFB with a reliable source of income while protecting its investments. The capital generated from this resource provides ongoing operational support for many of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet’s programs.

The annual operating transfer from the ASFB Endowment Inc. remains an important and indispensable source of funding for ASFB. The growth of the ASFB Endowment Inc. assets and, consequently, the growth of the annual transfer, are the result of three primary factors: strong investment returns, receipts of new major gifts and bequeathed gifts, and the success of milestone anniversary campaigns. ASFB gratefully thanks the many generous individuals, foundations, and businesses who have contributed and invested in Aspen Santa Fe Ballet’s future.

ASFB Endowment Inc. Board of Trustees

  • Leigh Moiola, President
  • Charles Forte
  • Mike Hauger
  • Denise Jurgens
  • Jean-Philippe Malaty
  • Kelley Purnell