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Dress code for girls

Dress code for all ballet classes Creative Dance through Advanced is: dress code leotard specific to the student’s level (please see listing), footed tights in “ballet pink” or a color matching students skin tone if desired, and leather ballet shoes matching tights as close as possible. This will prevent a break in the visual “line” from the top of the head to the tip of their toes.

Dress code for boys

Snug white t-shirt, black leggings or tights, white or black socks, and black leather ballet shoes.

Dress code for jazz

Students will wear their ballet uniform and may wear jazz pants as well. They will need black laceless slip-on jazz shoes for class.


Student’s hair must be secured away from face. Please consult with your child’s teacher for specific hair requirements.


  • Uniform items (leotards, tights, etc) will be available to pick up at the studio 24-48 hours after purchase.
  • All uniforms are in stock and available. If you do not see the size you need listed in the dropdown box, please email [email protected] to inquire if it is available.
  • Uniforms will not be shipped to you, but they will be available for pick up at the location of your child’s classes. You will receive an email when your items are available for pick up.
  • Please plan to pick up uniform orders a few days prior to the class.

ASFB Merchandise

ASFB merchandise will be printed by a 2nd party system and mailed to you directly. All sales are final and cannot be exchanged. Please email [email protected] with any merchandise questions.