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Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet is a multi-faceted arts organization that nurtures and manifests the love of dance across a spectrum of programs for the cultural enrichment of Aspen, Colorado, and Santa Fe, New Mexico—and beyond.

A convergence of visionaries, educators, artists and philanthropists pursues the ASFB mission with energy, fortitude, and passion. A humble start in a single ballet studio founded by the civic-minded Aspenite, Bebe Schweppe, led to a widespread network of schools touching the lives of pre-professional and recreational dance students in two Southwestern states. An award-winning after-school Mexican folkloric dance program that bolsters self-esteem and ethnic pride for community children also prospers. Dance presentation, in an annual series, showcases world-renowned visiting companies while cultivating an engaged audience. The organization’s pinnacle achievement, the groundbreaking and adventurous performance troupe, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, for 25 years brought its inimitable contemporary choreography to stages across the United States and overseas before the global pandemic precipitated its closure.

Mirroring the very art form it embodies, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet continues its dynamism. In a bold move to sustain the organization’s long-term health post-Covid-19, a new venture, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Fund for Innovation in Dance, will perpetuate the dance company’s pioneering spirit. Guided by optimism and a can-do attitude, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet sees ‘giving back’ and ‘forging ahead’ in its future.