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National Council


The National Council supports Aspen Santa Fe Ballet financially, and its members serve as ambassadors by promoting the art and education of dance in Aspen, Santa Fe, and nationwide.

National Council Benefits

National Council members are listed in all ASFB publications. Members also receive invitations to special events, National Council parties, special trips, and artistic updates throughout the year.

Join the National Council

For more information, or to join Aspen Santa Fe Ballet’s National Council with an annual contribution of $2,500 or above, please contact Zander in the ballet office:

National Council

  • Karin Bannerot
  • Barbara and Bruce Berger
  • Rod Boren
  • Patricia and Charley Brewer
  • Paula Brodin
  • Virginia Browning and Joseph Illick
  • Sarah Broughton and John Rowland
  • Jacolyn and John Bucksbaum
  • Kay Bucksbaum
  • Barbara and Franklin Carson
  • Ruth Carver
  • Bunni and Paul Copaken
  • Scott Davidson
  • Claire Dewar
  • Tony DiLucia and Nick Lincoln
  • Dawn and Sid Dinsdale
  • Melanie Doskocil
  • Maja and Nicholas DuBrul
  • Zoe Eskin
  • Deborah and Richard Felder
  • Sarah Kennedy Flug
  • Charles Forte
  • Mary Ann Frenzel
  • Jessica and John Fullerton
  • Barbara Gold
  • Keith Gorges
  • Pamela and Richard Hanlon
  • Cindi and Daniel Hart
  • Michael Hauger
  • Barbara and Peter Hearst
  • Bobbie and Tat Hillman
  • Janie Hire
  • Jessica Hite
  • Soledad and Robert Hurst
  • Denise Jurgens and Kevin Messerschmidt
  • Laura and Michael Kaplan
  • Marianne and Richard Kipper
  • Rachel and Richard Klausner
  • Carolyn Landis
  • Mary Anne and Bruce Larsen
  • Melony and Adam Lewis
  • Toby Devan Lewis
  • Nance and Ramon Jose Lopez
  • Diane and Charles Lott
  • Susan and Larry Marx
  • Laurie Michaels and David Bonderman
  • Leigh Moiola and Charles Dale
  • Charlotte Moss and Barry Friedberg
  • Stephanie and Michael Naidoff
  • Jane and Marc Nathanson
  • Melinda and Norman Payson
  • Esther Pearlstone
  • Amy and John Phelan
  • James Posch
  • Carol Prins and John Hart
  • Kelley and Mark Purnell
  • Olivia and Stephen Rassenti
  • Nancy and Richard Rogers
  • Lorraine and Mark Schapiro
  • Carole and Robert Sharp
  • Deborah and Bob Sharpe
  • Lois Siegel
  • Sandy and Art Soares
  • Judith Zee Steinberg and Paul Hoenmans
  • Billy Stoltz
  • Marianna and Mark Tanguay
  • Jamie Tisch
  • Mary Ann Tittle
  • Sherry and Eddie Wachs
  • Gail and Lenny Weinglass
  • Amy and David Weiss
  • Carrie and Joe Wells
  • Tamara and Frank Woods
  • Elisha and Jeffrey Zander
  • Tita and Gene Zeffren
  • Rachel and Paul Zimmerman