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The art of dance is famously ephemeral: there is no canvas to hang on a wall; sculpture to enhance a garden; film to thread through a projector; manuscript to print in hard copy. To lend a degree of permanence, and to acknowledge, with gratitude, all who made our jewel of a dance company soar from 1996 to 2021, we offer this Archive to commemorate Aspen Santa Fe Ballet.

The company’s paramount artistic mission was the creation of compelling new choreography for the classically trained dancer. Forty original works premiered by Aspen Santa Fe Ballet over 25 years included the fruits of world-renowned choreographers.

This leading-edge, abstruse art required technical virtuosity and a tireless work ethic to master. Embodying the choreographer’s vision, and even inspiring it, were Aspen Santa Fe Ballet’s revered dancers.

Resonating with energy and eclecticism, and flourishing at the juncture of American athleticism and European refinement, is Aspen Santa Fe Ballet’s curated, distinctive repertoire.

Beyond performing steadily in two home cities and throughout the United States, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet toured internationally, reaching a broad spectrum of audiences in theaters across the globe.

It took more than a village to burnish this dance company. It took the constant nurturing of two arts-aware cities. Aspen and Santa Fe supported their boutique ballet troupe in a way that felt like family. A year-round stream of creativity was for many a daily labor of love. An array of professional talent—designers, musicians, photographers, technicians, coaches, instructors, staff, agents, presenters, and writers—formed Aspen Santa Fe Ballet’s team of vital and valued collaborators.

It was a unique epoch in American dance history and we thank you for sharing in it. Enjoy the Archive!