Alice Soundtrack
Des Chapeaux dans les Lapins by Odezenne – Alix Calliet, Jacques Cormary, and Matthia Lucchini, SDRM; Cracked Mirrors and Stopped Clocks, Womb Duvet by Origamibiro -Tom Hill, Andy Tytherleigh, and The Joy of Box, Two Thousand and Eleven Ribbon Music; Faster and Faster by Tony Kinsey, KMP LTD; Fortress of Doors, Fungiferous Flora, Skool Daze, Falling Down the Rabbit Hole by Chris Vrenna & Mark Blasquez, Almo/Pink Lava; Taal Se Taal by Alka Yagnik & Udit Narayan – A.R. Rahman & Anand Bakshi, Tips Industry Music Publishing; The Cheshire Catby Danny Elfman, Wonderland Music Company; Restless by Sounds from the Ground – Nick Woolfson & Eliot Jones, Sherlock Holmes Music LTD; The Lobster Quadrille by Franz Ferdinand – Alexander Huntley, Nick McCarthy, Paul Thompson, and Robert Hardy, Universal Polygram Intl.; Mexicali, Jacquadi by Polo and Pan – Paul Armand-Delille & Alexandre Grynszpan, EOS; 1977 by Ana Tijoux, BMG; Don’t Worry, We’ll Be Watching You, Smoke and Mirrors by Gotye – Wouter De Backer, Songs of Kobalt Music.; Prologue/Cherry Ripe by Richard Hartley, He Pro Tunes, Inc.; The Sea by Joey Pecoraro, Rough Trade Songs; Divine Moments of Truth by Shpongle – Simon James Posford & Raja Ram, Twisted Music LTD; Requiem by House Made of Dawn, Arcane Creative Publishing; 2 Songar (Two Songs) II Vogguvis (Lullaby) by Jon Leifs, Iceland Music Information Center; Indifferent Universe, Liminalidad, Espera by Lucrecia Dalt, RVNG Intl.;  White Rabbit Written by Grace Slick, Published by Mole Music (BMI) All rights reserved, (used by permission); Perpetuum Mobile by Simon Jeffes, Daniel Myer, Barbara Thompson, and Dejan Samardzic,