Alice PROGRAM NOTE                                       

Travel down the rabbit hole MOMIX-style with Moses Pendleton’s newest creation, ALICE, inspired by Alice in Wonderland. As Alice’s body grows and shrinks and grows again, MOMIX dancers extend themselves by means of props, ropes, and other dancers.

“We don’t intend to retell the whole Alice story,” he says,“but to use it as a taking off point for invention. I’m curious to see what will emerge, and I’m getting curiouser and curiouser the more I learn about Lewis Caroll. I share his passion for photography and his proclivity for puns”.

The Alice story is full of imagery and absurd logic – before there was Surrealism, there was Alice. Alice is an invitation to invent, to let the imagination run wild. “Go Ask Alice”, sang Grace Slick in “White Rabbit” – she also said, “feed your head”.

Pendleton continues, “You can see why I think Alice is a natural fit for MOMIX and an opportunity for us to extend our reach. We want to take this show into places we haven’t been before in terms of the fusion of dance, lighting, music, costumes, and projected imagery. Our puns are visual, not verbal. It’s not modern dance, it’s Momix – under the spell of Lewis Carroll, who was under the spell of Alice – who was still learning to spell.”

 As with every MOMIX production, you never quite know what you are going to get. Hopefully, audiences will be taken on a journey that is both magical, mysterious, fun, eccentric, and much more. As Alice falls down the rabbit hole and experiences every kind of transformation, we invite you to follow her.

We see Alice as an invitation to invent, to dream, to alter the way we perceive the world,
to open it to new possibilities. The stage is our rabbit hole, we welcome you to drop in! .”
                                                                                       — Moses Pendleton, Artistic Director