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Board Committees

Trustee Responsibilities and Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee works with the Executive Director on long range planning as well as oversight of policy and challenges facing the organization.

  • Jean-Philippe Malaty, Executive Director
  • Tom Mossbrucker, Artistic Director
  • Kelley Purnell, President
  • Leigh Moiola, Vice President
  • Denise Jurgens, Treasurer
  • A. Charles Forte, Secretary
  • Barbara Gold
  • Michael Hauger
  • Melinda Payson
  • Judith Zee Steinberg
  • Tony DiLucia, At Large Member – Aspen

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides oversight of the financial health of the organization. Financial reports (budgets, balance sheets, P&L statements) are reviewed and analyzed by the Committee.

  • Jean-Philippe Malaty, Executive Director
  • Denise Jurgens, Treasurer
  • Charles Forte, Secretary
  • Michael Hauger
  • Judith Steinberg

Fundraising Committee

While it is the job of every trustee on the board to participate in fundraising, the Fundraising Committee is responsible for overseeing the board’s goals and work to that end. To accomplish this, the Fundraising Committee’s responsibilities include: supporting the fundraising efforts of the staff; taking responsibility in meeting budgetary goals by cultivating and recognizing donors and prospecting and acquiring new donors; identifying and securing major gifts; and reporting progress and providing motivation to the board at regular meetings.

Aspen Gala Committee

The main focus of the Aspen Gala Committee is the annual summer gala. The Committee also will steer special events as they may occur from time to time.

National Council

  • Sarah Broughton, National Council Co-Chair
  • Nicholas Du Brul, National Council Co-Chair


  • Bebe Schweppe
  • Betty Weiss †