Aspen Santa Fe Ballet School

COVID-19 Policy for Students

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet School is committed to providing high quality dance education to children of all ages and is currently operating under strict guidelines that adhere to the highest of health and safety standards.

To ensure a safe environment for quality dance education, we have put into place the following Covid-19 policy:

  • All students must provide and wear their own clean mask that fits over the nose and mouth.
  • Students must maintain a minimum of six feet of social distancing.
  • Children who exhibit symptoms of Covid-19 or are not feeling well must not attend class.
  • Any child who has had possible exposure to Covid-19, however remote, shall not attend class or enter the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet studios until they have quarantined for a sufficient period.
  • If your child’s school (public or private) has initiated a quarantine due to Covid-19 danger, your child shall not attend class or enter the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet studios until such quarantine has been lifted.
  • Please note that due to the constant changes surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, policies may change without notice. Parents and students must agree to follow all health and safety protocols set in place by Aspen Santa Fe Ballet and Aspen Santa Fe Ballet School in order to attend classes and participate in Aspen Santa Fe Ballet activities.

All of us at Aspen Santa Fe Ballet are grateful for your participation and support. These are difficult times, especially for children. We appreciate the opportunity to provide our communities’ youth an outlet for artistic expression and instill in them the transformative power of dance education.